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Lori Lindsey Soccer Performance Coach

No matter what level you play at – whether it is club, high school, college, professional, or the international level – much of soccer is out of your control. You can’t control if you’ll make a specific team, you can’t control how much your coach plays you each game, and you can’t control all of your physical traits. But the one thing that you absolutely can control is your preparation.

That’s where I come in.

Through a 13-year professional and national team career and many more years of playing experience I have learned first hand what it takes to reach the highest level of soccer. Hard work, discipline, consistency are a few words that come to mind that you can control and that you need in order to maximize your potential and become a complete player.

I can help physically prepare you for the rigors of the game by helping you increase your strength and explosiveness, improve your conditioning, and create habits that will keep you on a consistent path to achieving your goals.

Let me help you take your game to the next level.



Official Strength & Conditioning Coach of the Washington Spirit Developmental Academy

"Whether the goal is to be the next U.S. women’s national team star, a solid high school or college player, or just live a healthy life, strength training can be the tool that provides you with strength and confidence needed to get there."

I can help you.