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The Big Question

AJP_5665The question I am asked most frequently since I retired from professional soccer is “What do you miss most about playing?”While I do miss the “big” games, the major tournaments and the competition that comes with playing at the highest level, my answer is always the same: I miss my teammates, and I miss being a part of a team. As a result of thirty years playing on many different soccer teams I came to rely on being surrounded by my best friends and teammates on a regular basis. In some ways I took this for granted, but I also recognized how fortunate I was to have forged so many relationships – that no matter where I traveled I had a “built-in family.” In addition to the relationships, I valued the team atmosphere because it challenged me in ways that individual sports did not. I became the best version of myself while participating on teams, as my teammates forced me out of my comfort zone and motivated me to improve each day.... More

More than just “Hitting the Weights”

IMG_1320 Although I always had natural talent when it came to sports, especially soccer, I eventually realized that talent alone wasn’t going to be enough if I wanted to play at the highest level and set myself apart. By the age of 14 I had been playing more competitively and it quickly became apparent that Indiana wasn't a soccer hotbed. The best players were hailing from California and New Jersey. I knew that I needed to find additional ways to improve my game in order to compete with players from across the country. I didn’t have the access to go to camps and clinics year-round, so I had to create those opportunities for myself, which I did through hard work and commitment. I think my family thought I was insane when they saw me shoveling snow in my backyard so I could run sprints in the middle of winter. However, it wasn’t until I found strength training that my game really started to flourish.... More

My Aha Moment


I can remember stepping up to the start line. An overconfident ten-year-old, I was ready to beat my brother, Chris, in another foot race.

This had become our Saturday ritual - I would challenge Chris to a race, he would reluctantly accept, and I would win. He’s two years older than me, so you can imagine the pride I felt each time I won.... More