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More than just “Hitting the Weights”

IMG_1320 Although I always had natural talent when it came to sports, especially soccer, I eventually realized that talent alone wasn’t going to be enough if I wanted to play at the highest level and set myself apart. By the age of 14 I had been playing more competitively and it quickly became apparent that Indiana wasn't a soccer hotbed. The best players were hailing from California and New Jersey. I knew that I needed to find additional ways to improve my game in order to compete with players from across the country. I didn’t have the access to go to camps and clinics year-round, so I had to create those opportunities for myself, which I did through hard work and commitment. I think my family thought I was insane when they saw me shoveling snow in my backyard so I could run sprints in the middle of winter. However, it wasn’t until I found strength training that my game really started to flourish.... More