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The Big Question

AJP_5665The question I am asked most frequently since I retired from professional soccer is “What do you miss most about playing?”While I do miss the “big” games, the major tournaments and the competition that comes with playing at the highest level, my answer is always the same: I miss my teammates, and I miss being a part of a team. As a result of thirty years playing on many different soccer teams I came to rely on being surrounded by my best friends and teammates on a regular basis. In some ways I took this for granted, but I also recognized how fortunate I was to have forged so many relationships – that no matter where I traveled I had a “built-in family.” In addition to the relationships, I valued the team atmosphere because it challenged me in ways that individual sports did not. I became the best version of myself while participating on teams, as my teammates forced me out of my comfort zone and motivated me to improve each day.... More