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#RepsForRapinoe – KB Goblet Lateral Lunge

Most of us live our lives in the sagittal plane, meaning that we primarily move in a forward and backward motion, neglecting any other direction. Sports are played in all three functional planes, therefore it’s beneficial to train in these different planes to maximize performance and prevent injury. The same goes for everyday life.... More

#RepsForRapinoe – Pallof Press

When it comes to core training most of us think of sit ups and crunches or exercises that require excessive movement in the core. However, these exercises lack the true function of the core, which is the ability to stabilize and resist rotation. That’s not to say these exercises are bad or there isn’t a time and place for them but there are other modalities that can access the full potential of the core.... More

#RepsForRapinoe – Band Pull-Aparts

Strength training doesn’t only include lifting heavy weights. In fact, some of the most effective and important exercises use only your bodyweight or resistance bands. The band pull-apart isn’t only a strength exercise but also a corrective exercise, it will help improve our posture and keep our shoulders healthy. With the majority of us sitting all day, playing on our phones and typing on computers, we have created a society of rounded shoulders and forward head lean.... More

#RepsForRapinoe – Goblet Bulgarian Split Squat

One of my all time favorite single-leg exercises is the Bulgarian Split Squat or the Rear Foot Elevated Split Squat. It has been a staple in my programs for as long as I can remember - mainly because you feel like a badass when performing them but also you get the most bang for your buck with single leg training.... More


IMG_1263 Everything is better stronger. Having a foundation of strength allows you to bounce back quickly whether that is bouncing back from a serious injury or another hard day of training. It’s the foundation of strength that helps in making one better able to handle the stress that occurs on the body.... More