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Two Front Squat Variations to Improve Your Athleticalism*

IMG_4305 Squatting is one of our first movements we learn as a child, and it was one of the first exercises I performed when I stepped into the weight room years ago. I think it is fair to say that the squat gives you the most bang for your buck when becoming more *athletical on the field and in life. There are many different variations of squats, but today I’m focusing on the barbell front squat. It is my all time favorite exercise and one that I instantly saw a correlation between the weight room and the soccer field. The barbell front squat isn’t the easiest exercise to perform since it requires a significant amount of mobility in your thoracic spine (upper back) and ankles and flexibility in your wrists. And, at the same time it challenges your anterior core (front of your body) to maintain an up-right posture at the bottom of the squat. Making it a challenging exercise to perform properly and efficiently.... More