4 Tips To Dominate The Soccer Season


Soccer season is here.

Okay let’s be honest soccer season is always here. There isn’t much of an off-season for young athletes these days.

Most athletes are starting school and playing either club soccer or high school and some may be involved in both.

However you want to look at it it’s a busy time of year. Here are 4 tips to ensuring you stay healthy and dominate the Fall season.

1. Get in the weight room


This is critical. Honestly if you’re a young athlete and you’re not lifting weights then you’re missing out. Athletes put in all this extra work in the summer only to let it fall (no pun intended) by the wayside once the season starts. This has less to do with improving your performance and more to do with injury prevention and keeping you healthy throughout the season. If it’s important to you – you will get it done.

2. Get your rest.

Young athletes want to train and perform like the pros, but the rest and recovery like the pros seems to be lost on deaf ears. Set aside one day a week to take completely off, and “get away” from the game. Re-energize yourself and get ready for the week ahead. If you feel you really need to do something then check out this post and use it as a “rest day circuit”.

3. Create a nightly ritual.


I think this is the most important. Set yourself up for success. We’ve all heard the saying Structure = Freedom. Every night before heading to bed set your clothes out for the next day, right down what your day looks like. This makes the next morning a lot easier. I can’t tell you how many athletes who forget their water bottle, forget to bring their running shoes, or only have one running shoe for that matter because they were running around and rushed in the morning.

Set aside a few minutes every night to prepare for the next day and reap the benefits.

4. Nutrition

This can be tough for young athletes, as many don’t have much diversity in their food choices. Therefore it is important to plan ahead and prepare foods that you like. If tip 3 is adhered to then the you will have time in the morning to eat breakfast and prepare snacks to ensure that you are getting the adequate nutrients to perform and recover efficiently.


I’m sure there’s a ton of other tips that I could have come up with. However, I wanted to pick four go-to tips that if done each day, every week would lead to a successful and healthy season.

No matter what is going on in your schedule there is room to incorporate these four guidelines. They will allow you to do what you do best – play soccer.


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