Are You Prepared to Perform the Kettlebell Swing? Part 1

Lets face it. The Kettlebell Swing is a killer exercise. And, when I say killer I mean the benefits of the swing are endless. I can’t think of another “all in one” exercise that helps:

  • Builds overall athleticism and strength
  • Improves conditioning
  • Targets your posterior chain (backside of your body) – I mean who doesn’t need/want a bigger, stronger booty?
  • Is a viable alternative for the Olympic lifts

All of this awesomeness in one exercise has athletes wanting to jump right in and get to swinging. The reality is though, that many aren’t prepared to perform the swing right off the bat.

Most have a difficult time performing a hip hinge in a controlled manner, not to mention a hip hinge at an explosive rate.

As a result they end up squatting and rounding their back, which leads to horribly ugly form and potential injury. Or in other words, something unidentifiable like this….


That’s why it is essential to “slow-cook” the process and ensure that proper technique is being performed.

In this weeks video – Part 1 of 2, I offer up 3 exercises that help prepare you for mastery the Kettlebell Swing.

Master these three exercises first and then check back next week for part 2 – where I’ll dive into the KB swing itself.


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