Cardiac Output: The Case of an Under Recovered Soccer Player

How do you deem your training sessions successful?

Are you an athlete that needs to be bent over, dripping with sweat every session in order to feel like you accomplished something or are you following a program where there are waves in your training – intense sessions followed by lower intensity sessions that keep you healthy and resilient over the long haul?

My hope is that your answer is the latter.

However, far too often, most athletes fall into the trap of more and high intensity is better.

Unfortunately this approach is not sustainable. And, while periods of high intensity work is absolutely needed, it can’t be the only aspect of your conditioning.

If you want better results and if you want to perform better and longer – you need low intensity conditioning, or more specifically cardiac output.

So whether you are currently playing a sport or are an aging athlete – everyone can benefit from some low-intensity conditioning.

In this week’s video I explain why cardiac output is essential and how you can add it in to your current training.


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