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If you’re like me there are days when you feel tired, like a worn out pile of dog pooh. The last thing you want to do is head to the gym and train hard, right?

I get it.

Maybe it’s because you had a hard training the day before or maybe it’s because you’ve been consistent with your training for a number of weeks and you just need a bit of a re-charge.

If you’re also like me, training is one of your daily 3s. Three daily things that keep you on track, meaning it is a must in your daily routine. Without it you feel a bit lost, unproductive, and off your game.

In fact, each week you should have trainings that are a bit on the lighter side that enhance recovery from your training the day before or prepare you for the next days session or better yet – provide you with both.

Enter Neural Charge…

Neural Charge is a simple way to train to stimulate and excite your central nervous system. It helps enhance your performance, promote recovery and ultimately prepare you for your next workout at hand.

Neural Charge was introduced to me through the Strength Faction coaches, which is a coaching group that I’m a mentor in.

This has been a game changer for me. In the past I have gone hard consistently for many years. My body no longer allows for high intensity all the time or else I feel exhausted or worn out. Neural charge allows me some undulation and the ability to maintain consistency and momentum within my training week.

The idea is to create a circuit using 5-7 exercises and alternate between low-tension power exercises with high-tension core exercises.

The key is to keep the reps low and to perform each exercise as explosively as possible while allowing for maximum recovery between each exercise. A neural charge session can last anywhere between 10-25 minutes.

The goal is not to turn this into a metabolic session or train to fatigue. Choose exercises that correlate with your current fitness level and that you are going to have fun with.

Here is an example of a Neural Charge session I did the other day:


A1) Seated DB Vertical Jumps x 3

A2) Clap Push-ups x 3

A3) Inverted Row ISO x :05

A4) Skater Jumps x 2 reps/side

A5) Hardstyle Plank x 1 full exhale

When to Use…

  • Between heavy lifting days. For example, if you have a heavy training session on Monday and another one on Wednesday, Tuesday would be the perfect time to implement the neural charge session. Helping stimulate recovery from Monday’s session and better prepare you for Wednesday.
  • On a recovery day, as it will help to stimulate recovery.
  • As an extended warm up. If you have a heavy lifting day and you’re not feeling up to it, add in a few rounds of the neural charge circuit to stimulate your CNS.

Keep in mind the goal is to leave the session feeling better than when you started. When you feel awake or when you notice your form starting to deteriorate that is a good indicator to be done with the session.

For me neural charge has become one of my favorite trainings. It’s quick, fun, and you feel athletic all in the same session.

Give it a try and let me know how it goes.


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