Layering the Turkish Get-Up with 1/4 and 1/2 Repetitions

When I first attempted the Turkish Get-up (TGU) I was not a fan. It can be a complicated exercise and has a ton of working parts. And, when I heard a famed strength and conditioning coach say, “If I have to teach someone to get up off the ground….then we really have problems.”

I laughed and kind of agreed at the time.

However, when I took the RKC Level 1 Certification last month, my opinion changed completely and I have since learned to love the TGU.

It offers a ton of benefits such as:

  • Shoulder stability
  • Core strength and stability
  • Hip mobility and stability
  • Body awareness

Basically it is a fantastic total body strength exercise.

With all of it moving parts, though, learning the movement in one sitting can be challenging. Therefore it is much easier to break it up into sections and layer it as you become more efficient with it.

No matter if you’re a young athlete or a seasoned athlete – it’s best to start with no weight and progress from there.

****BONUS: If you’re interested in seeing the full “10 mile” view of the Turkish Get-Up – I got you covered. Head over to to watch the entire video featuring me and Coach Chris of Beyond Strength Performance.

****DOUBLE BONUS: One more video – this time we are breaking down the TGU from the top down + you get to see our beautiful faces one more time.



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