#RepsForRapinoe – Band Pull-Aparts

Strength training doesn’t only include lifting heavy weights. In fact, some of the most effective and important exercises use only your bodyweight or resistance bands.

The band pull-apart isn’t only a strength exercise but also a corrective exercise, it will help improve our posture and keep our shoulders healthy.

With the majority of us sitting all day, playing on our phones and typing on computers, we have created a society of rounded shoulders and forward head lean.

The band pull-apart is simple, but not easy. I typically do 50-100 every day as a part of my warm up before my workout.

The Ins and Outs:

 Grab a band and hold it out in front of you about sternum high.

  • Pull the band apart and towards your chest – keeping your arms straight and maintaining neutral wrists
  • Make sure you are pulling the band to your chest and not pulling your chest to the band by arching your back and flaring your ribs
  • Maintain a neutral spine and perfect posture by keeping your chin tucked and flex your abs and squeezing your glutes – this allows the shoulder to move freely without compensation from other muscles/joints
  • Use various grips: overhand, underhand, neutral (palms facing each other). Squeeze the shoulder blades together and hold for a one-Mississippi count and repeat.

You can increase or decrease the difficulty by adjusting how close or far apart you position your hands on the band or by using a wider more resistant band.


Get Involved:

Here’s how it works: For the next 3 weeks I will be posting 2 videos a week of me performing some of my favorite strength training exercises to encourage Megan. You can either perform the same exercises or come up with your own.

1) Post a video of yourself performing a strength training exercise and donate a few of your reps to Megan’s recovery
2) Tag me (@lorilindsey6) and (@mrapinoe) in your video
3) Hashtag #RepsForRapinoe
4) Show us what you got!

Excited to have you a part of this!

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