#RepsForRapinoe – Pallof Press

When it comes to core training most of us think of sit ups and crunches or exercises that require excessive movement in the core. However, these exercises lack the true function of the core, which is the ability to stabilize and resist rotation. That’s not to say these exercises are bad or there isn’t a time and place for them but there are other modalities that can access the full potential of the core.

Enter the Pallof press. The Pallof press is a fantastic core exercise that teaches us to stabilize our core and lumbar spine by forcing us to maintain rigid throughout the duration of the exercise. Being able to control your core allows for control and integration of the lower body with the upper body which is vitally important for performance and injury prevention as it links the entire body together.

Give it a try – it looks simple but you’ll quickly realize what a taxing exercise it is when performed correctly.

 The Ins and Outs

  •  Grab a band and attach it around a column.
  • From there step to the side of the column and set up in an athletic stance (ie. slight bend in knees, chest out, and butt out)
  • Start by holding the band with both hands at chest height
  • Brace your abs and push the band away from you, extending arms straight out while resisting any rotation.
  • Continue to engage the core – remaining square and straight.
  • Be sure to perform this exercise on both sides of the body
  • My favorite way to perform the Pallof Press is 3×3 – 10 second holds/side
  • Hold for 10secs, rest for 2secs, repeat for 3x/side


Get Involved:

Here’s how it works: For the next 3 weeks I will be posting 2 videos a week of me performing some of my favorite strength training exercises to encourage Megan. You can either perform the same exercises or come up with your own.

1) Post a video of yourself performing a strength training exercise and donate a few of your reps to Megan’s recovery
2) Tag me (@lorilindsey6) and Megan (@mrapinoe) in your video
3) Hashtag #RepsForRapinoe
4) Show us what you got!

Excited to have you a part of this!

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