Online Individual Training

As an online training client, you bring the work ethic and commitment and I provide you with everything else to successfully train off the field to reach your goals.

Individualized Training Program Design Includes

  1. Monthly training program design that is tailored to you and your goals. Each program includes:
    • Soft-tissue release techniques
    • Dynamic warm-up
    • Mobility/activation work
    • Corrective training (if needed)
    • Power and Strength training
    • Conditioning
    • Recovery work.
  2. Ongoing access to email + text support during duration of training.
  3. Access to my videos to ensure proper form and movement

Ready to go?

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“I first got to know Lori first as a player, and saw first hand how she took care of her own strength and fitness.  It was always something I looked up to, and I think it was a big reason why she was able to have such a long and successful career.  Now as a coach/trainer, Lori knows what an athlete needs to get them stronger, not in a way that breaks them down, but so they stay healthy and move efficiently.”

– Diana Matheson, Canadian Women’s Soccer National Team, 2x Olympic Medalist