Strength and Conditioning: Extends Beyond the Field of Play

Most of us know that strength and conditioning can be extremely beneficial when it comes to reaching our fullest potential on the field such as helping us run faster, jump higher, and reducing the likelihood of injury.

What isn’t talked about as much, though, is the impact that strength and conditioning has beyond the field.

Confidence, empowerment, ownership, and building lifelong habits are just a few words that come to mind when I think of the role strength and conditioning can have on young female soccer players.

When I first stepped in to the world of Strength and Conditioning during my freshman year of high school it was to “gain an edge” in soccer. But what I quickly realized was that this new found strength extended to all areas of my life – it wasn’t just limited to the field.

It provided me with the confidence I needed to relentlessly chase after my dreams and compete against the best players around the country. It also gave me a sense of control in an environment where often times very little is within our control. We can’t control if we’re a starter on a team or if our coach likes us, but what we can control is our attitude and how we show up during these trying times.

I have been extremely fortunate to live out my dreams of playing soccer at the highest level I would be remiss to think that strength and conditioning didn’t play a huge and important role in that.

And, that’s what fuels me today. To help young female soccer players live out their dreams on the field and beyond.

Now more than ever – especially in the fitness industry there is a big push to encourage women to stop striving to be less and embrace being more. I love this message. I also ask “Why wait until we are grown women?” Let’s encourage young athletes and girls to be strong NOW.

Unfortunately, at different points in our lives soccer will come to end. I became well aware of this a few years ago when I retired. It’s the lessons that I built in the weight room such as confidence, belief in myself, preparation and life-long, daily habits that have kept me active and set me up for a strong life after soccer.

So whether you’re on the path to become the next national team star, focused on getting a college scholarship, or have a strong high school career – know that strength and conditioning can be a great addition and is essential to your on field success but at the same time the benefits you reap extend well beyond the field of play.

I know that’s true for me.


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